Aims and Scope

The international open access book series Philosophies of Communication, edited by “Il Sileno Edizioni” publisher, will discuss the new processes of communication from a wide range of fields, including semiotics, anthropology, sociology, psychology economics, education, history, law, linguistics, political science, literature, criminology, medicine, and so on. Each of these disciplines has its roots in a different theoretical and epistemological tradition, which can contribute to the advancement of research in communication. The aim is to analyze the complex relationship between media, technologies, society and culture, promoting a trans-disciplinary approach.
Philosophies of Communication is open to analyses of all forms of communication. Possible topics include: advertising, brand communication, fashion, politics, sport, tourism, sport, public discourses, television, journalism, video-sharing platforms, blogs, social media, spaces of consumption, art, music, museums, events, scientific communication, technology. Particular attention will be paid to the innovation that occurs in the border areas among the various disciplines interested in the study of communication.
This book series publishes online volumes, both collective volumes and monographs, which are set in the perspective of providing reflections, work materials and experimentation in the fields of research and education about communication. Typically, authors and editors will come from the academic field but some of the books may also be relevant for professionals in the field of communication, such as creatives, marketers, communicators, designers, and so on.
Books may be based on specific research projects or publish contributions of a relevant conference (proceedings).
Published volumes are subject to a review process (double-blind peer review) to ensure their scientific rigor.
The volume proposals can be presented in English, Italian, French or Spanish.
The choice of digital Open Access format is coherent with the flexible structure of the series, in order to facilitate the direct accessibility and usability by both authors and readers.
The series is divided into two sections: Monographs and Collective volumes.
Normally, two collective volumes are published each year, in the months of March/April and November/December. Usually, the collective volumes are linked to Calls for Book Chapters (proposed by scholars identified by the editors and the editorial board), which are disseminated in the scientific community at least one year before the publication of each related volume.
The monographic volumes are published without precise timing, but according to the proposals submitted during the year.
Submitted contributions are subjected to a double-blind-peer-review; evaluation and acceptance procedure. It is always possible to propose Call for Volumes on significant topics in the field of communication studies by sending a proposal to the following e-mail address:

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