Aims and Scope

Edited by the publisher Il Sileno Edizioni, the book series “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cultural Dynamics” publishes online volumes, both monographs and edited volumes, whose main purpose is to provide analysis and reflections on cultural issues.
More precisely, the book series privileges interdisciplinary viewpoints on cultural dynamics. Understanding the complexity of life in a globalized world, nowadays, implies combined theoretical approaches and a larger emphasis on cultural dynamics based on multiple disciplines and perspectives.

The aim of this book series is to encourage a debate on the contemporary world that involves different social sciences and research methods concentrating on cultural issues and societies on the move. On this basis, we are pleased to receive incoming publishing proposals.
As book series editors, we encourage proposals that address one or more subjects, including case studies, and we welcome volumes related to interdisciplinary contexts of contemporaneity, daily life, space, mobilities, history of cultures, literatures, gender and other connected themes. We are especially interested in works focusing on the immediacy of experiences and narratives built on ordinary daily lives, on autoethnographies and ethnographies based both on lived experiences and research work.

Volumes to be published will go through a review process (double-blind peer review).
Proposals can be in English, Italian, French or Spanish.
We use a digital Open Access format to facilitate direct accessibility by both authors and readers. All issues will be freely available on the website.

Monographic volumes are published without specific timing, according to the proposals received during the year.
Collective volumes are published twice a year. Collective volumes are usually linked to calls for book chapters (proposed by scholars identified by the editors and the editorial board), at least a year before the publication of each volume.

Stefano Montes ( ) and Gaetano Sabato ( ), University of Palermo, Italy