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Landscape Storytelling. Methodologies and techniques for their narration

Edited by

Davide Mastroianni (University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Italy)

Rosita Oriolo (Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy)

Alessandra Vivona (Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy)

Abstract: The landscape is the result of a series of connected processes, slow or sudden, which create the shape and appearance we know today. What we observe is only one of its many appearances and each of them has a story to tell. There are different types of landscape (natural, anthropic, “built” or “hybrid”) where human being and nature are architects of its appearance, in a competition in which human being adapts to nature, in a sort of harmonious and balanced coexistence, or even tries to “overcome” it; in the latter case, the nature, often and willingly, wins the challenge, but with serious consequences for human being.

Here are the lines of research to be preferred:

  1. Landscape Archeology: definition and case studies;
  2. The Landscape Archaeologist: a well-defined figure or to be defined?;
  3. Ancient landscapes reconstructed. Methodology and case studies;
  4. The “changed” landscape in Historical Cartography;
  5. The coastal landscape seen from the sea: the ancient portolans;
  6. Geography and time: definition and case studies of Historical Geography;
  7. Geoarchaeology. Definition and case studies;
  8. Natural and anthropic geological landscapes;
  9. “Hybrid” landscapes. Contamination between ancient and modern landscape;
  10. The “transformed” landscapes: the rural landscape and the urban landscape;
  11. Risk landscapes: causes and effects;
  12. The slow landscape. Sustainability and Biodiversity.

Important dates:

November 30, 2020: Paper proposal deadline;
Dicember 31, 2020: Acceptance / Rejection Notification;
January 31, 2021: Full Paper Submission;
March 15, 2021: Review notification;
April 15, 2021: Final version paper submission;
May 2021: Final paper publication.