The Journal Stratigrafie del Paesaggio publishes original contributions regarding the landscape and the natural and anthropic changes that have determined its appearance and its multi-layering from antiquity to today. From reading and observing the landscape comes the search for elements of persistence, survival and transformation in the geography of a territory, within which, today, tangible and intangible elements are inserted that determine the history of a landscape and its innumerable faces. Both texts in Italian and in other languages are published. The Editors reserve the right to allocate the materials that arrive, in agreement with the Author, in the section most suited to the economy of the journal.

The Journal Stratigrafie del Paesaggio welcomes contributions from different disciplinary fields that are placed with the aim of providing reflections, work materials and experimentation in the fields of research and study of the landscape through the methodologies of the Landscapes Archeology, Geoarchaeology, Geomatics, Cartography and Historical Geography. It is published every six months and may include supplements dedicated to conferences, special issue on specific topics and monographic volumes. The published volumes are subject to a double-blind peer review process to ensure their scientific rigor. Paper or volume proposals can be submitted in English, Italian, French or Spanish.